Live Messenger Pack!

Here is a gift to all of you on the grand opening of the blog! Now i know quite some persons who are either having problems switching to or upgrading to the l8test Windows live messenger or just use Windows messenger due to problems with the new one. It can be understood, the online installer is a real pain, it takes hell of a time and bandwidth and frankly its not user friendly!. So how about having the l8test Windows live messenger offline setup? with the l8test Messenger Plus and some emoticons packs?. The emoticons icons pack is optional, i ve included it for those who have uninstalled the old one or have just formatted and do not have any emoticons. Also these emoticons are professional ones. Also included is an antivirus/malware for msn , gona be of gr8t help when you are infected by the birus/worms that keeps on sending messages to your contact like ” My vacations pictures, click here!” type.

The pack is made up of :

Windows Live Messenger 2009 14.0.5027.908 offline installer, that is you do not need to be online to install it.


Messenger Plus, the latest version

Clean Msn,a virus is a tool that detects and deletes currently circulating MSN Messenger viruses. For some time now, MSN Messenger has been used to spread viruses. During a conversation, a user receives, apparently from his contact, a link inviting him to open a file that looks like a photo. The file is in fact executable code that contains a virus. Once the user opens the file, the virus runs itself and spreads to everyone on the users contact list. Clean MSN Virus detects more than 3,800 variants of MSN viruses. Clean MSN Virus analyzes active processes in memory and files.

Version 1.7.0 includes virus database update.


And finally 2 emoticons pack!


Hope you enjoy and it solves your problems. Some users who do not have the latest updates may encounter some problems such as  not having the Windows update agent or windows installer. Let me know if this is the case.

Download link :



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