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some more E3 babes

huh as you will see some guys were realli lucky!


E3 babes :P

I know its a bit late, but hell lets see them once again πŸ˜›


Microsoft changes gaming forever

Stumbled on this article on the T3 website :

Microsoft upped the stakes on Nintendo and Sony with their new Natal motion-sensing hands-free control system for the Xbox 360. Now T3’s Rob Temple has had the chance to put the new gaming sensation through it’s paces. Find out what he made of it.

After all the launch hype and furore, T3 can confirm Microsoft’s Project Natal for the Xbox 360 has changed gaming for ever.

We can say this confidently because we just received a first hands-on with the new motion controller system in a very private room at E3 in Los Angeles, courtesy of creative director Kudo Tsunoda.

After Kudo had talked us through his creation and showing us the ropes he let us literally jump into the gaming space and get stuck in. And we have to say this is mind-blowing stuff.

Natal created an accurate avatar of us in milliseconds. Kudo said: “We wanted to give users full control of their avatar in a one-to-one 3D space, with you as a gamer in a virtual world. There’s no controller in the world that can do this.”

The game we started with involved using your whole body to knock down boxes with big red balls. Not the most in-depth game, but as a demo it demonstrated just how scarily one-to-one the gameplay is. There’s no time lag and your avatar, complete with flared jeans and love handles (if you’re me) matches you exactly as you flail around the room like a headless chicken. It’s properly physical, more so than anything seen on the Wii, so make sure you don’t have a heart condition and have a big, antique-less living room.

Natal passes the real test

The game was impressive, but when Kudo loaded up Burnout Paradise – the game he first tested Project Natal with – the innovation really hit home.

Step forward, put your foot on the invisible pedal, hold your hands out to form a steering wheel and drive. The accuracy of the drive and turning has to be played to be believed. No calibartion is necessary, no time lag is apparent and it is truly a joy to play.

This game was just a working demo and won’t be a Project Natal staple, but it demonstrated that driving and first person shooters are about to enter an unreal (and at the same time very real) dimension.

Sadly after five swift but thrilling minutes our time in the play room was over and the future of gaming had been changed, for the better, permanently. Scary.
Microsoft really has introduced a great innovation and also maybe placed itself far ahead its competitors in the race. While Sony is now introducing its motion sensor controller, Microsoft has made the players themselves the controller!

Xbox 360 owners just have to wait impatiently for Microsoft to ship Natal, to experience a new way of gaming, please note that Natal will be compatible with all versions of Xbox 360.


Xbox 360 @ E3

Proud Xbox 360 owners!!! Oye Oye!!! Get ready for your best smyle!!

For those who do not know what E3 is, well in simple words it is the biggest game expo on earth and i really wish i was there right now, or maybe get some of the goodies some lucky people are being offered! Man wish i could be in L.A right now!!! Yeps i know i am paranoiac!

Microsoft made some impressive announcements today! The biggest new being the Project Natal! comprising of controller free gaming!!! full 3D body movements!!

The other news being that Facebook and Twitter will be intergrated in the Xbox 360 interface with features such as screenshot taking and sending to friends!

Finally for those who have Xbox Live Gold , the addition of Last FM!

Wow, wonders what more! lol

Some pictures :





Sony lovers! PSP admirers! A new PSP named PSP Go is going to be out tomorrow! Check the pictures out!


Seems they took a PS2 controller and added a screen to it πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
Not much has been specified about the PSP Go expect no UMD ( Universal Media Disc ) except that there will be a system to download games or even rent games, internal memory 16 Gb n yea bluetooth on board.

More details to come soon!