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Firefox Swag Pack

I had registered myself as Campus Representative on the Spread Firefox website quite early this year. Lately I had received an email asking to register for Swag packs, which I did. Tuesday, I received an email from UPS, with a tracking number. It said that the package would arrive on the 21st, but imagine my surprise when I got a call from a UPS guy telling me the package had been delivered!! πŸ˜› .

Now since I knew I was going to receive 1 swag pack , I tried to figure out what was its content. I knew there would be a T shirt and goodies , but which goodies? I searched the net hell a lot, but no concise information was found. This is why I am posting the contents pictures individually here.

IF you like Firefox and would like to show your appreciation. Download or upgrade to the Latest Version here

Also Sign up in the Spread Firefox website and show your support in your own way!!